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Type of seats available

Below you can see the seats available when purchasing your bullfighting tickets cordoba:

  1. First row: These are the seats closest to the ring. These are the most expensive seats because they offer the best view of the bullfight.
  2. Second row: These are the seats located just behind the barrier seats. They allow you to enjoy an excellent view but are a little further away from the arena.
  3. Stalls: Located at an intermediate distance from the ring, they offer comfort and vision at a certain height at a lower price.
  4. VIP Boxes: These are the most luxurious tickets in the Córdoba bullring, located in the upper area (stands), they have large and private spaces where only you and your guests can access.
  5. Grand stand: These are the highest areas of the bullring. They are the seats furthest from the arena and therefore have the cheapest prices.

Cordoba bullfight ticket prices

Below we leave you the prices to see the the bullfighting in cordoba depending on the chosen locations:

Sun Tickets

  • First row: €90
  • Second row: €78
  • Stalls: Between €53 – €65 depending on height
  • Front grandstand: €42
  • High grandstands: €36

*NOTE: These are the cheapest tickets in the bullring because the sun shines throughout the bullfighting event. Therefore, in these types of locations the heat is greater and the visibility is a little lower.

bullring seating plan cordoba

Sun and Shadow Tickets

  • First row: €138
  • Second row: €120
  • Stalls: Between €84 – €95 depending on height
  • Front granstand: €52
  • High grandstand: €40

*NOTE: These tickets have an intermediate price because during the bullfight, their seats will receive sun and later shade.

bullring seating plan cordoba

Shadow tickets

  • First row: €183
  • Second row: €165
  • Stalls: Between €94 – €107 depending on height
  • Front grandstand: €58
  • High grandstand: €46


*NOTE: Shaded tickets are the most expensive because they are located in locations where the sun does not shine and therefore, it is more comfortable and pleasant to enjoy the show due to better visibility and because the spectator experiences less heat.

bullring seating plan cordoba

Cordoba bullfight schedule 2024

The bullfighting schedule for the 2024 Córdoba fair has already been presented! Choose the day and come enjoy some of the best bullfighters in the world.

Bullfighting eventDayBullfighters who participate
NovilladaMay 11Manuel Román y Marco Pérez
BullfightMay 18Diego Ventura, Morante de la Puebla, Manuel Román
BullfightMay 19José María Manzanares, Juan Ortega y Roca Rey

On this occasion, the Córdoba bullring will have the honor of enjoying the best brave bulls from some of the best farms in the world. We are referring to the Jandilla, Román Sorando, Los Espartales and Bernández cattle ranches.

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cordoba bull poster 2024

The Córdoba Bullfighting Fair is one of the most prominent events in the Spanish bullfighting calendar. Held annually during the spring in the historic city of Córdoba, in Andalusia, this fair attracts bullfighting fans from all over the world eaer to buy a bullfight tickets cordoba.

The fair takes place in the emblematic Los Califas cordoba bullring, an imposing bullring with more than a century of history. For several days, the bullring becomes the epicenter of bullfighting, welcoming bullfighters, ranchers and fans who come to enjoy top-level bullfighting shows.

In addition to the shows in the ring, the fair offers a wide variety of complementary activities, such as bullfighting exhibitions, concerts, gastronomic fairs and cultural events, which enrich the experience for attendees ¡Don´t wait more and buy now your cordoba bullfight tickets!

Frequent questions

The Córdoba bullfighting fair is held from May 11 to 19 and the following bullfighters will participate: Diego Ventura, Morante de la Puebla, Manuel Román, José María Manzanares, Juan Ortega and Roca Rey as well as many other bullfighters.

There are no children’s tickets. Children must pay for their seat as long as they occupy a seat.

We are responsible for offering you a comfortable, agile and secure way to buy tickets, acting as distributors and intermediaries between our clients and the promoters with whom we work. If you made a mistake in your purchase or cannot go to the show, we are sorry to inform you that we cannot cancel or change your bullfighting tickets.

When making the purchase, you are making a reservation in a specific area of ​​the plaza. Seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and you will be assigned the best seat available.
If you are interested in a specific seat, you can call us at +34 679 58 35 36

How to buy bullfighting tickets?

At the beginning of this page you will find all the events and bullfights that will be held in the Los Califas bullring during the year 2024. To buy your tickets for the bullfight in Córdoba, you simply have to select the bullfighting event you want to see. You will then be redirected to a section where you can see all the information related to the bullfighting event you have chosen. Finally you will have to click on the “buy tickets” button and enter your bank details.

As we have mentioned before, you can buy your tickets for the bullfight with a bank card or through payment platforms such as Paypal or similar. You will receive your tickets to the email address you provide on the payment page.

Entries are sent by email in PDF format. They have a QR code that must be scanned at the entrance door. If you prefer, you can print the tickets, or submit them in PDF format on your mobile phone.