Information about the bullring

The Córdoba Bullring, located in the heart of the Spanish city of Córdoba, is an emblematic monument that has marked the history and local bullfighting culture since its construction. Known for its architectural beauty and its importance in the Spanish bullfighting circuit, the bullring is a symbol of tradition and passion for bullfighting in the region. Its history is intertwined with the identity of Córdoba, attracting tourists and fans from all over the world to witness the exciting bullfights and participate in the bullfighting festivities held in this historic enclave. In this informative index, we will explore in detail the history, architecture, notable events, famous bullfighters and other relevant aspects of the Plaza de Toros de Córdoba, offering a complete overview of its importance in the cultural and social context of the city.

Origins of the bullring

The “Los Califas” Bullring in Córdoba is a relatively modern bullring. Work began in 1963 and its objective was to replace the old bullring in Tejares. It was designed by architect Juan Cuenca Montilla and built in the El Arenal neighborhood, in the eastern part of the city.

In 1965 it was inaugurated under the name “Los Califas” in honor of the 5 greatest bullfighters of the province: Lagartijo, Guerrita, Machaquito, Manolete, and El Cordobés

Architecture and design

The five caliphs

The name “Caliph” comes from the Muslim culture which was present in the Spanish city for several centuries. Caliph means king and in the bullfighting field, the caliphs of Córdoba are the most important bullfighters of the city of Córdoba who are the following: Lagartijo, Guerrita, Machaquito, Manolete, and El Cordobés

bullfighter lagartijo


bullfighter guerita


Machaquito bullfighter cordobes


Manolete bullfighter


the bullfighter from cordoba

El cordobés

The bullring today

Although in the past the bullring only hosted bullfighting events inside, today you can attend all types of events. The plaza has been converted into a multipurpose space where bullfighting fans and the general public can attend to enjoy the best shows in the city.

bullring events and concerts


The plaza arena becomes a stage where some of the most famous international singers perform. Some of the singers who have recently performed concerts in the bullring are: Manolo García, Ana Mena, or Camilo.


As a general rule, they are held in spring because the best weather and temperature improves the conditions for bullfighting. The Córdoba bullfighting fair takes place in the month of May and some of the most famous bullfighters in the world attend.