Bullfight May 19

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  • This is a non-numbered ticket, the best seats available will be assigned.
  • If you purchase multiple tickets, your assigned seats will be consecutive next to each other.
  • The price does NOT include additional management fees.

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Bullfighters participating:

José María Manzanares, Juan Ortega and Roca Rey

When does it start?

May 19 at 19:00h in the evening.

Duration of the run

The bullfight lasts around 2 hours

How much does it cost?

From €36 to €180. The price varies depending on the location chosen.

Types of tickets available

In the Los Califas bullring in Córdoba, you can find different types of seats or seats depending on the proximity to the ring and its orientation. Some of the seats available for the bullfight on May 11 are:

  1. Barrier: These are the seats closest to the arena, located in the front. They offer a privileged view to observe the skill of the bullfighters.
  2. Counterbarrier: These are the next seats closest to the arena. They have a privileged view but with greater security.
  3. Stall: These are the middle seats, they have a slightly higher view and away from the arena. Even so, they have good vision to observe the would-be matadors.
  4. VIP Boxes: These are private and closed spaces located on the upper floors of the bullring. The boxes have a limited capacity and offer a panoramic view of the arena.
  5. Grandsand: These are the highest areas of the plaza. In the case of the Córdoba bullring, you can choose between the front covered stand (closest to the ring) or the high covered stand (further).

Finally, the spectator will be able to buy his ticket for the bulls depending on the area in which his seat is located.

  • Sun: These are usually the cheapest tickets since they are located in the area where the sun is most.
  • Sun and shade: These seats alternate areas where it is sunny and others where there is shade.
  • Shadow: They are the most expensive but also the best since they allow you to see the bullfight better and with greater comfort.

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Additional information

Area of the bullring

Stall 1 (Shade), Stall 2 (Shade), Stall 3 (Shade), Stall 4 (Shade), Stall 5 (Shade), Stall 6 (Shade), Stall 7 (Sun and Shade), Stall 8 (Sun), Stall 9 (Sun), Stall 10 (Sun)

Type of seat

Barrier – First row, Counterbarrier – 2d row, Stall row 1 to 10, Stall row 11 to 20, Grandstand 1º, Grandstand 2º (unnumbered)


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